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E3 is a comprehensive digital forensic platform that offers the processing of a variety of data types to include computers, smartphones, and cloud data. Once acquisition or capture is completed the need for multiple parties to review data is a priority. The E3:View system allows the review, analysis, and reporting of data.

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Data Review



Multi-Language Support


Data Review

There are a large variety of tools available to capture data. Whether you are using the E3 Forensic Platform or other well known packages the E3:Viewer license allows you to review the data and use the powerful analysis engines available in E3.

E3 Case Data

The E3:Viewer option is a great way to share data with clients when you have processed the information using any of the E3 Platform licenses.

Forensic Containers

E3:Viewer can bring in data from the popular Forensic Container storage making it easy to share data between opposing parties in an investigation while maintaining dates, and metadata.

Other Tools

E3:Viewer has been designed to review data from other popular tools such as Graykey and Cellebrite. 


The powerful search engines of the E3 Forensic Platform are available in the E3:View license. The engines allow you to review a large variety of data to be able to find the details needed in an investigation.

Index Searching

Index searching is a great way to find data quickly after it has been processed with another tool. The index allows fast reference and return on search data. In addition, the search engines capablity expand to a variety of different languages. 

Boolean Searching

If you haven’t used Algebra in a while now is the perfect time with using Boolean expressions with searching. This mathmatical search mechanism is ideal to find the relationship between textual data with AND, OR, WITH IN X. All of these powerful search options and more are available in the E3:View edition. 

Emoji & Emoticon Searching

Modern data requires modern searching and knowing what to look for when it comes to the emotion of data requires the ability to search via emoji and emoticon. All of these options are built-in to the powerful E3:View program as well as the E3 Forensic Platform.

Regular Expressions

The use of regular expression searching can help lead you to the smoking gun through the use of some of the templates for credit card numbers, crypto currency, and more.

Integrated Viewers

Integrated viewing options for a huge range of data is part of what makes E3:View an ideal analyst platform to be able to see the data you need in an investigation. 

App Viewing

E3:View has unique App viewing capabilites to show the data from popular Apps such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and more all in context of the App in easy to follow view screens. 

Document View

Support for dozens of different document types are all available in the E3:View tool. You can view through multiple pages, see metadata, and more all in a single view screen. All of this and you can also zoom on the different contents. 

Specialized Viewers

Data can be produced through such a larger variety of sources that you need to be prepared to jump from parsed data to unstructured data. This is possible through simple tabs to change from Viewer to Hex to Text. There are lots of options to make sure you see all the data. Built-in SQLite and JSON viewers give specialized capabilties. 

Multi-Language Support

The variety of data that can come from an investigation will not always be in a single language.  E3:View allows the searching and analysis of data from a variety of different languages. 


Searching options support a wide range of languages. Each of these languages can be added to enhance the search capabilites of E3:View.


The supported image formats for OCR are .png, .bmp, .jpeg, and .tiff. Text data extraction can be performed while performing content analysis of files that contain images or while using the advanced searching. Language packs can be added that allow for multi-language support of the OCR engine.

Languages Supported:

  • Arabic
  • Bengali
  • French
  • German
  • Hindi
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish



Our Mobile Data Review report is available in multiple languages to help with sharing data with other parties. Available languages include: English, Spanish, French, Chinese, or Polish.


There is nothing more important than showing off all the hard work that goes into the investigation. The reporting options in the E3 Forensic Platform are top of the class when it comes to being clear, concise, and kick ass. There are different report types depending on what type of data you have to share so take a look at the options.

Data review is easy with the E3 Forensic Platform with E3:View you get all the analytic powers of E3 built into a read-only viewer. You even get all the reporting options. Work in scaled teams and with others easily with E3. The E3:View is sold separately or one license is included with E3:Universal.

Local Email Archives

There is always something new with email archives and Paraben prides itself on the support of one of the largest collection of mail types.

Local email supported:

  • Microsoft Outlook (PST & OST)
  • Windows 10 Mail
  • Office365 Email
  • Microsoft Outlook Express
  • Windows Mail Email
  • The Bat!
  • America Online (AOL)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Eudora
  • Email Files (EML)
  • Maildir Database
  • 750+ Mime Formats

Network Email Archives

You never know what type of network mail you will encounter so the E3 Forensic Platform has you covered.

Support of  MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, and GroupWise

Optimization of Data

When working through email it is important to have the full header and details associated with the archives. The E3 Forensic Platform provides that data as well as the ability to optimize the information and refine it to exactly what you are looking for and even export it out to a new PST file. 

Your E3:View license has the following standard features:

  • Keyword Searching
  • Full-Text Indexing
  • Emoji & Emoticon Searching
  • OCR Scanning
  • Variety of file viewers
  • SQLite, JSON Viewers
  • Bookmarking
  • Variety of Reporting Options
  • Online Training (Coming Soon)
  • SaaS software pricing $39.95/Monthly or $359.95/Annually

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