Digital Forensics Consultation Forms

Paraben has been involved in the field of digital forensics for over 20 years. Our experts pride themselves on quick turn around and being able to walk you through the process of your digital evidence.

The processing time for digital evidence will vary based on the type of evidence and the total amount of storage. Most turn around on mobile devices is within 2-3 days and computers are within 3-5 days.

Everything done at Paraben stays completely confidential. Every letter of engagement has a confidentially clause to protect your information.

Download our standard Letter of Engagement for mobile device imaging and basic processing.

Download our standard Letter of Engagement for computer imaging and basic processing.

The following are additional legal forms that might be required prior to sending evidence.

Paraben Corporation provides a variety of consulting services.  In addition, specialized programming services are also available. Please let us know what you are interested in and we can help.