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Digital Forensic Training

Digital Forensic Training Courses

Digital Forensics is happening with all types of data we see. Understanding how to capture, process, and analyze this information is crucial for all types of digital investigations. Paraben offers a variety of training options to get started in the field to learning the powerful E3 Forensic Platform. You will learn what it takes to go through the digital forensic process, find data, and bring it to the presentation stage.

Digital Forensics Fundamentals-VENDOR NEUTRAL

Paraben’s Digital Forensic Fundamentals course is designed to get you started in the field of digital forensics. The fundamental how-to knowledge acts as a foundation for what you need as you pursue this area of digital forensics.

This course will show you the best practices for collecting and investigating a variety of different digital items. Students will learn about the chain of custody and the foundational details of the field of digital forensics. This course focuses on both lecture and demonstration learning so it encompasses all types of examiners. This is an excellent course to get you the fundamentals for the field of digital forensics.

  • Course cost is $595.00
  • The course is only offered online.
  • Course certification included with course.
  • The course is offered in English and Spanish.

E3 Fundamental Fast Track

The E3 Fundamental Fast Track course will give attendees everything they need to be proficient in forensic examinations using E3 through a variety of different common evidence types. Students attending the E3 Fundamental Fast Track should already be trained in the basics of computer forensics. This course will focus on utilizing E3:Universal or E3:P2C in your examinations and will not cover the fundamentals of digital forensics.

This 8-hour course is designed to cover computer forensics and email analysis using Paraben’s Electronic Evidence Examiner-E3. Students taking this course are recommended to have completed the introductory E3 video course that came with their purchase of Paraben’s tools.

Once the course is completed the students will be able to:

  • Perform a comprehensive forensic analysis using E3
  • Perform a data triage collection and analysis using DP2C and E3
  • Analyze, filter, export, and report on local email as well as network email stores
  • Perform forensic acquisitions using DP2C
  • Create forensic containers for case data minimization, storage, & sharing
  • Analyze memory dumps
  • Analyze internet files
  • Analyze chat log data
  • Analyze a variety of file systems
  • Analyze cloud related data
  • Course cost is $595.00
  • The course is only offered online.
  • The course is offered in English only.
  • Discounts available on the software used in class


Online Training

Don’t Miss Out on DFIR Training

Paraben offers a variety of options for online training. From our free training videos offered via the ParabenForensics YouTube channel and the content available by enrolling in the Paraben Training Academy. You can get all that you need in the comfort of any location and at any time.

“I recently completed another MOBILE FAST TRACK certification (recertification for me). I have been a full-time forensic examiner for most of ten years. I have attended many certification training courses, however, there are not many certification training that is at the level of PARABEN. I absolutely cannot say enough about AMBER SCHROADER. PARABEN FOUNDER. I have been in the criminal investigation side of forensics and investigation lead development for some 45 years and without reservation, I can say that AMBER has developed a company of incredibly high technical professionals with knowledge beyond many of those peers in this profession. I would recommend her training to anyone who truly wants to learn not just for self-improvement, rather, to glean knowledge few others offer.”

-James Bogers, Private Investigations LLC

Mobile Forensic Training

Check out the other courses offered by Paraben on topics such as mobile forensics. Learn how to write procedures, acquire devices, and do the analysis of Apps. The mobile forensic courses are offered in-person as well as virtually. 

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