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Technology enthusiasts since 1999…

The Paraben team is not only a collection of geeks and nerds but a collection of people who love DFIR. Led by Amber Schroader, a 30-year veteran in the field the technology produced by Paraben not only address current trends in technology but addresses the needs of the DFIR professional. From data stores from machines, smartphones, IoT, and the cloud every aspect of the digital data evidence problem is addressed by Paraben technology. You need a company that will support you with evolving technologies that match the changing landscape of digital forensics. Paraben has been that company with leadership that is committed to this field.

Data & Budget Balanced Together

We see all your data and understand your budget

We support a large variety of data, from file system data, email archives, internet artifacts, Windows10 artifacts, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Amazon Echo, Xbox, and so much more we support it. When we support it, we understand the system and methods to access those systems to give you the most data return out of your tool. Our tools are priced fairly for any size of organization to use them as one of many tools in their toolkit. Our subscription fees are less than $1,000 a year annually no matter what tool you use. We provide flexibility with pricing options and payment terms.

Easy Workflow Transition

We work in your workflow

Our tools are easy to integrate. We keep our interface clean and logical with a left to right structure the follows many SOP. We provide free online training to get your basic certification as part of your tool purchase price.

We know that you need to get up to speed so we provide supplemental training with YouTube and regular tutorials. You can move to and be comfortable with the tool in less than one week. 

Our team is here to help with your transition and provide an open Customer Zone to seek our answers with online chat, phone, and community support.

We Check the Boxes for You

Online Training & Certification Included


7-Days to Transition


Support 24x7 with Our Team


Continuing Training

P.O. Box 199, Altamont TN 37301 USA


U.S. Woman-Owned Business