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Paraben Corporation, established in 1999, was founded with an unwavering commitment to problem-solving. With a track record of addressing consumer issues, our focus shifted to digital investigations under the astute leadership of Amber Schroader. By leveraging our expertise, Paraben became pioneers in the industry, offering cutting-edge solutions for a range of technology challenges including mobiles, IoT, gaming devices, and email processing. At Paraben, our mission has always been to conquer the daunting task of finding the needle in the haystack through the development of innovative technology.

Paraben Corporation is powered by a combination of skilled individuals, cutting-edge technology, and advanced skills, giving us an innovative edge in data investigations.

At the heart and core of Paraben is our founder and CEO, Amber Schroader. With 33 years of experience, Amber has led the way in developing groundbreaking technology for extracting digital evidence from various sources such as hard drives, email, handheld, and mobile devices. Our E3 Forensic Platform showcases these remarkable innovations. Amber is not only a pioneer but also a renowned teacher in the field, having developed numerous courses in computer forensics, wireless forensics, mobile technologies, email analysis and extraction, as well as network forensics. Her expertise has been recognized through keynote speeches at numerous events and appearances in national and international media outlets, including NBC Nightly News. While not the biggest extrovert, Amber embraces her passion for practical skills, food creation, and sci-fi facts.


At Paraben Corporation, our team comprises dedicated members with over a decade of experience who prioritize addressing our customers’ needs. Our support team is available day and night, ready to listen and assist. Our friendly sales team works closely with you, ensuring solutions are tailored to your lab’s requirements, regardless of size. We are passionate about solving data investigation challenges and offer a collaborative environment fueled by a genuine love for our work. Additionally, our YouTube channel features our very own avatar Edwin, who seamlessly guides you through the training of new technologies. Paraben is a collective fusion of these exceptional individuals, cutting-edge technology, and artificial intelligence.

Amber Schroader

Founder & CEO

Years Experience

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Unique Evidence Types

Years in Business

Innovation Timeline

Founded September 1999

Paraben’s name was inspired by the back of the shampoo bottle.


Created 1st tool to process mobile devices in digital forensics.


Released the 1st tool to deal with E-mail network archives.


1st Imaging of mobiles from direct chip reads.


Processing instant messaging from native archives.


StrongHold Faraday Bag Patent Filed.


1st Annual PFIC Event.


Support for iOS devices.


1st Android Rooting in digital forensics.


Data Triage imaging & processing for computers.


1st support for IoT devices in digital forensics.


1st Cloud data integration into digital forensics capture.


1st Unified interface tool for digital forensics.


Android Activity Timeline


Multiple simultaneous device acquisition.


Remote computer collections in primary tool.


1st  tool to support Gaming Forensics.


1st integrated OSINT capabilities in a digital investigations platform.


Oculus support for Metaverse-related data.

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Paraben Corporation prioritizes the privacy of our valued customers. Comprehensive information about our policies, end user license agreements, return policy, and more can be found on our website.