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The E3 Forensic Platform is for all types of digital data processing.

Support for smartphones, computers, cloud, email and IoT data come together in E3. From acquisition to analysis, you have options in the E3 Forensic Platform that will fit your needs.

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15 Years of PFIC Event

Paraben is among the elite few DFIR companies that can say they have been around for over 23-years. Digital forensic software has always been our core focus. Part of the successes of those years is the team that loves digital forensics. Paraben has always focused on the analysis of the data to turn that data into intelligence in an investigation.

Paraben has one of the longest DFIR events focused on innovation. PFIC has been running for the last 15 years and continues with showcasing topics on what you are facing. Join us Sept 6-9 2022 in Nashville TN or online in the PFIC Portal. Join us in Nashville, Tennessee this September. 

E3 Working on Your Needs

Public Sector

Data has nowhere to hide with support for smartphone forensics, computer forensics, internet investigations, email investigations, and faraday shielding. Digital forensic capabilities can be at the tip of your fingers with the power of E3.


Digital forensics is a skill that is valuable for all types of investigators. From learning to process digital data from smartphones, computers, internet data Paraben has you covered from training, software, and services.


DFIR, ransomware, and eDiscovery focus around the data and with support for smartphone forensics, computer forensics, internet investigations, email investigations, and cloud data. It is time to see what Paraben offers.

Educational Institutions

There is no greater job than teaching the next generation of DFIR professionals. Paraben offers specialized discounted educational licenses and labs to help educational institutions teach practical skills to the next generation of investigators.

E3-Electronic Evidence Examiner

Release version 3.2 Cobalt Edition

Paraben’s Electronic Evidence ExaminerE3 is a comprehensive digital forensic platform designed to handle more data, more efficiently while adhering to Paraben’s paradigm of specialized focus of the entire forensic exam process.

The E3 Forensic Platform is broken into a variety of different licensing options. The E3:UNIVERSAL version is designed to do all data types from hard drive data, smartphones, and IoT data. Other license options include E3:EMAIL which is designed to only work on email archives, there are always options when it comes to E3 working with your organization. The E3 Platform is a new beginning to finding data gaps that might exist when processing. 

The 3.2 release of the E3 Forensic Platform has a variety of updates that deal with the problems we are all facing today. This version includes extensive work in the area of malware investigations and being able to find the details you need when time is critical. With huge changes from the interface filtering mechanisms to the discovery of different artifacts with malware in Windows, you can rest assured that you have a top-notch tool when it comes to your investigation.

Additional items in the release include new iOS metadata, new Android rooting options for tons of new devices, and the ability to search for cryptocurrency items. You get a full range of features with the first release of 2022.

We are happy to sit down with you and virtually provide you with an overview of the E3 Forensic Platform and then get you started with your own fully functional Trial license so you can harness the power in your lab.

Years Established

Smartphone Device Profiles

Supporting Training

If you are a student and need a trial license for your CHFI course you must fill out this form. A functioning email that can reply back to the response on the trial is required as is the instructor name and email address. If you do not provide all of these details your trial will not be granted. 

Patented Faraday Protection

Paraben StrongHold bags provide wireless device protection from signals that can contaminate and potentially wipe your evidence. Paraben’s design is the only patented option to protect your wireless evidence.

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